Employee Recognition
& Rewards

Supporting corporate goals by incenting and rewarding today's dynamic workforce. Augeo's innovative employee engagement solutions combine modern interfaces developed with proven and flexible systems to manage all aspects of complex, multi-layered and global programs.


  • Customized employee experience
  • International capabilities
  • Multiple languages

Budget & approval driven programs built to recognize employees based on key performance metrics.

Quick Rewards

Easy to implement and a great way to develop a culture of recognition.


Enterprise-Wide Recognition

The platform is a robust, scalable and powerful recognition engine supporting all employee recognition efforts across your organization. Our solution offers capabilities ranging from multiple program support, rule-based nomination and approvals, branded awards, extensive reward portfolios, budget functionality, role-based permissions and more.


Augeo’s peer-to-peer recognition can have both a monetary value and be as simple as an electronic “e-card” having no monetary value. Our recognition platform supports all variations of peer-to-peer recognition, providing your company with an engagement vehicle sure to have a powerful impact on both morale and performance.

Sales Incentives

How can you hit your targets and motivate your sales teams? What can you do to push your best performers to over achieve? Our best-in-class solution lets you leverage unique functionality to create sales programs and contests on- demand while capturing metrics, defining goals and budgets, customizing awards and analyzing performance.

Service Anniversary & Retirement

The men and women of your organization have invested years in its success. Express your sincere appreciation for all of their efforts by launching a Service anniversary & retirement program from Augeo. By doing so, you’ll be sending a crystal clear message to your employees: our company recognizes and values your loyalty and service.


Safety in the workplace is critical to your corporate culture. Our comprehensive safety program will help you to recognize safe behavior and milestones quickly and efficiently. Through positive reinforcement and rewards, our Safety program will help you achieve and exceed your annual safety benchmarks.

New Product Trials

Trials for new products always are more successful when tied to an incentive. Augeo can provide a vast selection of reward options, ranging from gift cards, merchandise, e-cards, pre-paid cards, travel vouchers and many other choices. Customize the rewards to the specific audience of your product trials.

Market Research

Incentive programs are an ideal way to reward panelists, survey responders and other research program participants for providing their time and valuable opinions in support of your research initiatives. Augeo has helped companies acquire, retain and reward more than 20 million panelists with the use of targeted incentive programs.

Sales & Distribution

Incentives for your distribution channels can help you promote the right products and reward performing dealers and partners. Augeo offers a full suite of programs and tools specifically designed to maximize profits and enhance long- term mutually beneficial relationships with your channel partners.

Health & Wellness

Empower your employees to strive and become healthier by using the Augeo platform for your health & wellness initiatives. Your organization can improve productivity, boost morale and save on rising healthcare costs by utilizing Augeo’s programs customized to align with the goals and the needs of each individual workforce.

Ideas at Work

Platform for inviting and rewarding employees to submit ideas to increase revenue or reduce expenses.

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