Managers are Key to Employee Engagement

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Ken Greer, CMO, Augeo and Infographic Design by: Heather Dellenbach

Companies with engaged employees outperform by over 200%.
There’s a saying among HR professionals that communicates: “Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit their managers.”

To optimize the effectiveness of your employee engagement efforts, try to keep managers front and center. If you can figure out how to engage them, they will figure out how to motivate and encourage their direct reports and teams. There’s also a practical side to this strategy. Each manager might be guiding 10-25 people so your “engagement leverage” is significant if you can enlist the support of managers. Think about the impact of engaging 100 managers. Because they supervise 1,000-2,000 the cascading effect can be profound. Managers might just hold the key to the company-wide employee engagement effort that you are seeking.