Our innovative platform delivers cash back or bonus point offers tied directly to a credit or debit card issued by a financial institution. For merchants, Ampre provides historical data to understand the customer base, target offers and increase ROI.

National, regional & local brands represent over 46,000 retail locations nationwide - making Ampre the most powerful card-liked offers platform

Targeted Offers

Ampre provides share-of-wallet spend intelligence that allows merchants to target their offers most appropriately, including by geography and competitive spend.


Reports and statistics on current campaigns are available in real time and deliver important insights for optimizing customer loyalty strategies, configuring the assortment as well as personal customer service and thus strengthening customers’ shopping experience.


Pay for Performance – Ampre only issues rebates when customers transact with participating merchants.

No POS Integration – Ampre automatically identifies and matches transactions between eligible cardholders and merchants, requiring no new hardware, software, or data integration.

Cardholders earn anywhere from 2% - 15% with Ampre merchants

On average, Ampre clients have experienced a 20% LIFT in average monthly spend