Kenneth Greer

Chief Marketing Officer

Kenneth Greer is a change agent, trend visionary, technology geek and creative spark. He’s known as the “go to guy” for big ideas. Since founding his agency in the early ‘80’s, and now leading the marketing charge at Augeo, Ken’s one-of-a-kind combination of creative and strategic marketing skills has been the driving force behind the transformation of both consumer and business-to-business enterprises.

Ken holds a Master’s Degree from Stanford University and is nationally recognized for innovative thinking and a unique ability to create compelling brand value. His thinking was featured in the business best seller, “The World is Flat” and he has been cited in the New York Times for his fresh approach to the convergence of technology and communications.

Today, Ken continues to help clients take full advantage of the ever-evolving media convergence – social, video, interactive, mobile and what ever might be coming next. He’s a brand futurist and his unique “Luminary Process” recently helped Microsoft Bing and Mayo Health Clinic with their employer branding efforts. He has over 100 awards and accolades for his creative contributions and is an board advisor to many corporations.

In addition to his duties as Chief Marketing Officer at Augeo, Kenneth Greer is the President and fearless leader of Augeo+Greer, a Brand Strategy and Communications Design Agency.

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